Quick Care Coronavirus Action Plan

1. We will begin to clean the exam room with chlorahexadine wipes every two hours while open to work on keeping surfaces virus and bacteria free as best we can.

2. Recommend anyone with a fever and upper respiratory symptoms place a surgical mask over their mouth and nose to prevent spread in the waiting and examination rooms to some extent.

3. Inform ALL patients that we DO NOT have a true respiratory precaution, Negative Pressure Room and as such do not have quarantine capability in our facility. The only facilities with this capability are hospitals.

4. Allow any and all staff (including providers) to wear an N-95 mask if they desire. I also would recommend that they (ALL Staff) sign a release designed by legal means, if they elect not to wear it at this time.

5. We anticipate the COVID-19 epidemic to improve as the weather moves toward summer.

6. We will be testing for the more common causes before attempting to achieve a COVID-19 test from Regional West Medical Center or the Panhandle Health Department, as Influenza and other viral etiologies as well as bacterial etiologies are much more likely barring an exposure to COVID-19.

7. Recommend anyone with a known exposure or strong suspicion for exposure to COVID-19 be evaluated and treated in the Emergency Room and NOT in our facility.

8. Recommend anyone with a travel history to a heavily endemic area (red zone) be evaluated and treated in the Emergency Room and NOT in our facility. Examples include: Italy, China, and South Korea.

9. Known Exposure, Strong suspicion for Exposure, or Travel History to an Endemic Area Questionnaire should be provided with other forms at presentation to the clinic.

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